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radio intercom systems (details)  |  cd / radio combination intercom systems (details)

Radio Intercom Systems

Add value to your home with a new radio intercom system from the Jack A. Riley Co. The master station mounts in a convenient location (usually the kitchen) to provide security, communication convenience, and excellent fidelity music distribution throughout your home or business. Add SenSonic™ speakers for music clarity you wouldn't expect in an intercom system. A wireless remote option is also available.

 NuTone radio intercom system

  • Powerful 15-watt amplifier gives you cleaner, crisper vocal and musical transmission
  • Clean, uncluttered look with controls hidden behind panels
  • Enjoy the convenience of hands-free answering of calls originating at master station
  • Control entire system from master station
  • Answer door from any intercom speaker, response is hands-free
  • Monitoring or listening-in feature for checking on baby or keeping tabs on a person confined to bed
  • Battery back-up for up to 30 hours, maintains clock and station presets
  • Knockout for optional door or gate release button
  • Optional chime module or external electronic chime, wireless radio remote control
  • Available in bright white or biscuit
    FM/AM Radio

  • "Wake to music" feature functions as alarm clock
  • Radio-off timer
  • Digitally-tuned radio
  • 12-station radio memory
  • LCD display shows time and radio frequency
    Remote Stations

  • Control radio from remote stations: ON/off, select memory radio stations
  • Use up to 13 speakers and 3 door speakers for instant communications

 NuTone radio / cd player intercom system
  CD/Radio Combination Intercom Systems

The entertainment value of your new intercom system can be enhanced with the new CD/Radio combination unit from NuTone. A powerful 20-watt amplifier, multiple play modes and separate bass and treble controls are only a few of the features that come with this unit. The NuTone CD/Radio intercom system also comes with an option for wireless radio remote control.

All components come with a
five year warranty!

  • "Hands-free" answering at all stations
  • One-button talk/listen: push to speak, release to hear reply
  • Programming is muted during intercom calls
  • "Listen-in" feature for monitoring baby's room, sick room, etc.
  • LEDs show function selected
  • Control up to 9 remote stations and 3 door speakers from the master station. Optional expansion module allows up to 15 stations plus 3 door speakers
  • Optional chime module or external electronic chime, wireless radio remote control
  • Available in bright white, black or biscuit
    FM/AM Radio

  • Electronic scan tuning finds nearest strong signal
  • Digital display of time and radio frequency shown at master station
  • 30-hour battery backup maintains clock and station presets
  • Store favorite radio stations in memory
    Remote Stations

  • Remote stations feature one-button talk/listen operation with 'Inside/Patio', 'Door Talk', 'Private' and 'End Call' buttons, volume controls
  • Control radio or CD from remote stations; On/Off, select memory radio stations, select CD track
  • Answer the door from any station

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